[#64] new Geo tool

[#64] new Geo tool
We need a more effective way to find a location on the map.
* We are going to make some modifications to the geo_finder app by adding an overlay just like the other maps.
* The decimal coordinates information will now be located on the overlay along with all other information.
* In addition, we will add a link that will say "find marker." When that link is clicked, the map will automatically be centered on the marker.

[#41] GGMD code clean up

I'm getting ready to make some changes to my Google Map V3 plugin JavaScript file. First of, I must once more optimize my code so it welcomes the changes with a minimum amount or no bugs. I do not intend to spend the rest of the month debugging when I could be moving forward to another task.

[#4] drop down menu improvement

Background will be white. Border and links will be the same color as the bar itself. This will apply to all pages except for fullmap content types where the drop down menu back ground will be transparent like the bar and the links will remain same color.
Don't forget to close the gap between the drop down menu itself and the bar because it looks like the menu is floating and isn't attached to anything when it appears.

JavaScript String Text

In JavaScript, a string is an ordered set of 16bit Unicode character values. It is the official data type for representing text. The length of a string is the number of 16bit Unicode character values it contains. You must note that the length of a string is n - 1.

Q: Huh, n - 1?

A: Yes, the indexing of string characters begins at 0. Or, the first character in the string is at location 0 then the next one is at 1 and so forth. If the length of a string is 17, the index of the last character is 16.

JavaScript Dates and Times

If you wish to manipulate Dates and Times, JavaScript provides the Date class. With it, you can create Date objects which contain methods that greatly simplifies date computation tasks.

You can think of the Date constructor is a simple add-on tool since it isn't an official data type such as numbers. It can get tidious to compute times, especially when handling base-60 numbers like seconds and minutes and then base-24 for the day.

The tool is provided so let just make it easier on ourselves and use it. Here are a few example use of the Date Class.

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators NaN Infinity Overflow Underflow

Arithmetic operators are:

  • +  (  for addition )
  • -  ( for Subtraction )
  • *  ( for multiplication )
  • /  ( for division )
  • %  ( for modulus )

Q: What can we do with these?

A: We can perform calculations. 

Q: That's great, can you show me some examples of performing calculations in JavaScript?

A: Sure thing, check out the following program that will deduct someone year of birth based on their age and the current year.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level, untyped, interpreted programming language that is mostly associated with the web. This means, If you want to start a website and you want to add some nice cool effects such as dropdown menus, image slides, or any other effect that can compel the user to interact with your website then JavaScript is the right tool to use (if not the only one).


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