Indecent proposal one night with wife

indecent proposal one night with wife

In “indecent proposal”, Robert Redford, the billionaire offers to pay one million dollars to David to spend one night with his wife, Diana.

successful excellent says,
Regardless of how hard their luck is, and regardless of how good the money is, no married couple should be complicit in what happened in this movie.


Indecent proposal one night with wife replies to “successful excellent”

pcjthe1 says,
Spot on.

Sam Richardson says,
Marriage is an Ancient Ritual …Doesn’t Exist anymore.

pcjthe1 says,
@Sam Richardson Says you! However, thousands and thousands of people (including the LBGTQ+, etc groups) are up for it every year. So your premise falls at the first hurdle. If it didn’t exist anymore then nobody would be taking it up. My lady and I celebrate 49 years this June and we’d do it again given the chance.

Sam Richardson says,
@pcjthe1 You are born in the 1940s? We are the Future Beings. We won’t Marry…

pcjthe1 says,
@Sam Richardson Like I said you fall at the first hurdle. You said, “Doesn’t exist anymore when it clearly does.” As for future “beings”, I think that exemplifies everything about your attitude. Seems to me a whole lot more like nobody in their right mind would want to marry someone who labels themselves as a “being” so your future is likely to be lonely and have little consequence in it.

Indecent night being

Sam Richardson says,
@pcjthe1 You think there is a Soul, Heaven, and God.

Club Astro Transcendental Motor says,
pcjthe1 53% of people who marry, end up divorced eventually. Out of that 47% that do not, only around 25% are happy in their marriage. So the truth is that only 1/4th of married people end up satisfied inside of the union. The other 22% stay married and live unhappily. With odds like that, it’s a miracle people go through with it. Men get completely financially ruined after a divorce so more and more are opting to not marry. I don’t blame them.

pcjthe1 says,
@Sam Richardson Guilty as charged. Now get thee behind me Satan.

Better wife abroad

1NDecent says,
@Club Astro Transcendental Motor A lot of countries have very low divorce rates. Getting through marriage does not require a miracle. It just needs some life skills, like being responsible and knowing how to choose the right spouse.

pcjthe1 says,
@Louis London Skip the “I’m a scientist” game… I’ve been on this planet for 70 years and my expertise/qualifications and levels of training range through a wide set of skills and fields, so I don’t need to pretend science offers poor views. If that’s your version of a “scientific” analysis then you’ve got a long way to go. “You earn more you attract more beautiful”….er apart from the need to retranslate that…just what “more beautiful” are you referring to? The kind of women who are simply paid for arm candy? Yours is an adolescent and indeed somewhat misogynistic view of women. love and marriage simply trying to create a “nice” puff piece excusing predatory behavior.

elite says,
@Louis London there are a variety of factors at play and it’s not just money. Looks, money, and many other things such as charisma and marriage is a good thing.

Indecent feminist proposal as wife

TheDream says,
@1NDecent completely disagrees. The majority of countries w low divorce rates also have high rates of poverty and misogyny. It’s no coincidence that if given the choice, most western marriages flop, bc we actually have sth called OPTIONS, here. So we can opt out of an abusive relationship, for example, but can’t do that abroad in many countries.

crownlessking says,
@TheDream Conceited aren’t you? Do you think men want you? News flash! Men do not want to marry especially if the pool of choices includes disgustingly misandrist feminists such as yourself. Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

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