Elizabeth movie assassination attempt

Elizabeth movie assassination attempt

Elizabeth Movie CLIP – Assassination Attempt (1998).

Greg Gallacci says,
All these Gallant Gentlemen floating by, watching to see how well the assassins are doing. Not one of them looked at all surprised.

Elizabeth movie assassination attempt comments

HumA says,
If you don’t know where the bolts are coming from MAYBE keeping the dead body of the guard over her could help… you know, it’s something between the assassin and the objective.

RenShiWu says,
Vincent Cassel was a proper arse in this movie. Although Anjou was a pastiche of two different characters in the film: Henri, Duc d’Orléans (Duc d’Anjou as well) and his younger brother, François, later Duc d’Anjou. Both were potential matches for Elizabeth, but only François actually journeyed to England. Both of them were a generation younger than Elizabeth, as well.

Spider Man says,
“You had one damn job, Archer man!”

Alex Lao says,
Why did he refuse to marry them? Because he’s a Catholic bishop and she’s a Protestant queen? btw it’s like the other guests didn’t care that arrows were raining down on her…

Solqueen says,
Men that think “Big Keys” can open all locks tend to have the smallest keys themselves and why they will never understand.

Lexys Raymont says,
People are watching it with a 3rd point of view. The noblemen are on other boats, they just hear an “idiot” (whom they don’t like) yelling ‘The Queen! The Queen !’. An arrow goes very fast, a bolt even faster. So obviously, most of them just don’t get what’s happening.

Luvs Logistics says,
She was a beast and many died at her will. History remembers her fondly because she kept England from being conquered by the Spanish at their height but all those burned at the stake, and all told some 30,000 executed, would paint her to be the tyrant.

C H says,
@00:21 – Pausing complaints to pensively stroke his peacock feather hat while in a bed gondola, wearing silk and fur. I think we’ve found the frenchman.

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