The positive of polyamory relationship

the positive of polyamory relationship
The face of polyamory.

A woman talks about the positive aspects of a polyamory relationship. She explains that because her boyfriend went on a date with another woman who suggested doing a picnic, subsequently, the boyfriend wanted to go on a picnic with her, spicing up their relationship. She and her boyfriend would have never had the picnic idea if he didn’t date someone else. Yup! That’s the logic, I think. Anything to justify the wrong things they do, I suppose.

The positive about polyamory relationship comments

Joshua Kolton says,
This polyamorous woman does realize that picnics still exist right? She’s just too modernized to realize that going on an outside date is real.

James Crawley says,
The real reason why I don’t go along with “Polygamy” Poly life is because of….wait for it…..S.T.Ds infectious diseases!! I understand others have concerns about beliefs/ upbringing by parents etc. Completely understandable as well. I don’t want my Wife/ partner to give me that gift! Poly is not the thing that I will regard!


Tyler Miller says,
I love how in the poly section the BF has other girls and the wife has a bf but as far as we can tell the husband just sits at home and gets leftovers from the bf XD. Also, it’s worth noting trickle-down economics is an objective failure so do with that information what you will.

Matthew Mendoza says,
I was thinking about what you said about her being the face of polyamory.

The Rakshasan says,
Polyamory: A pretty word for Screwing around.

Sean Gray says,
Polyamory girl is basically being an exhibitionist. Social media is disgusting.

The Cat at the End says,
A lot of these poly women are going to find out that their partners may pull younger partners and no longer have time for the older model.

jeskaaable says,
Polyamory is women trying to accept being in the harem of an alpha and a shameless 3o4 by branching out of some beta.

Kevlar The Welder Reclaim your brain says,
Needed to be polyamorous to discover new date ideas movie ideas and sex positions… This will be the downfall of Google. Hahaha

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