Rhaenys to ring the bell

rhaenys to ring the bell
Short-lived triumph

Penny Chenery says,
I love how earlier in the episode. Alicent told Rhaenys to ring the bell when she was ready to give an answer. And now the bells ring as Rhaenys shows everyone what her answer is.

Rhaenys to ring the bell debate

MC Bob says,
After murdering civilians.

crownlessking says,
@MC Bob Blame the greenish queen who took the words of a delirious dying man seriously. She should have discussed things with Raenyrah first and explained what her father said… if she truly wanted to avoid bloodshed.

MC Bob says,
@crownlessking How tf is what Rheanys did Alicant’s fault?

crownlessking says,
@MC Bob We could start by not keeping her a prisoner in her quarters.

Big Dookie says,
@MC Bob the Queen was trying to extort her just like the nobles, read between the lines.

MC Bob says,
@crownlessking “The Queen kept me a prisoner so I’m allowed to slaughter several hundred innocent civilians”??

Holding Rhaenys to moral standards is somewhat silly

crownlessking says,
@MC Bob Allowed??? No, Rhaenys did it because she can. True, what she did was harsh but she didn’t have a choice, obviously. She would have never done that if she was not kept a prisoner.

MC Bob says,
@crownlessking She did have a choice like you know not to do something resulting in many casualties, she could have exited in several other ways but she choose to kill people. Alicant keeping her as a prisoner has absolutely nothing to do with this (Was she a prisoner in the Dragon Pit or Red Keep). Even then, her being a prisoner gives her no right to murder civilians.

crownlessking says,
@MC Bob How do you know she could have exited in several different ways? Stop making things up. I don’t think you understand the gravity of keeping someone as powerful as Rhaenys a prisoner. This is war. And yes, she can slaughter if she wants to. As a matter of fact, she will slaughter many more before the war ends. Again, if she was not kept a prisoner, people would not have died. Keep commenting and I will give the same answer so stop wasting your time.


It is apparent that Rhaenys wanted to kill Alicent and her children. Thus, this is why she broke through the floor and advanced on them with her dragon. She killing a few hundred civilians to prevent a war that would have ended with a hundred times more casualties made sense. However, she found herself unable to harm Alicent and her sons. Therefore, the war is on and the few hundred people she sacrifice to get the opportunity to end it early was in vain.

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