She brags about dating rich men

she brags about dating rich men
Why are you only telling half the story?

A woman, while eating ice cream, recounts her dating life. She brags about dating rich men, and how one of them flew her to Europe. Then she explains that women do not have to be super hot to date rich men. She also says that rich men love women who challenge them.

She brags about dating rich men comments

Gordon Gekko says,
I’m a professional real estate investor, and I literally laughed out loud at parts of her video. A California 6? She’s not even an Alabama 6! These women have lost their minds. They’re not even comprehending the real world anymore.

Bob 3268 says,
Let me translate for the gents. She went to a company party, drank too much of watered-down overpriced mixed drinks, threw herself at a married senior executive, got rejected, and got into an altercation with his beautiful equestrian wife that just returned from a five-star vacation in Vienna. She was then fired by Bobby (or whatever his name is) and now she eats ice cream. They always make someone else’s life about themselves.

Dragon Fire says,
She’s doing a great job keeping women delusional.

Unbound Soul says,
Even tho I’m 100% certain her story is cap I truly believe in her mind she thinks she’s a catch enough to get a “venture capitalist”.


Ed Geins Car says,
“I’ve dated a lot of rich men.” No, you haven’t.

Strider-Bushin says,
That’s a 1 who thinks she’s a 10. To have that high of an opinion of oneself is cringe. There is confidence, and then there is straight-up arrogance/delusion.

Miles H says,
A venture capitalist is not gonna tell a smash target about his investments.

Mytosa says,
“I’m a challenging woman”- yeah her Personality is probably a Dorito bag out of 10 and that’s being fair.

Volrag says,
As to why the first woman doubled down on the lie, a failed Austrian artist once said “if you’re going to lie, lie big. They’re less likely to catch you”.

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