Going your own way is spreading like wildfire

going your own way is spreading like wildfire

And this belief system of “going your own way” is spreading like wildfire among men. And it has even given birth to the involuntarily celibate community or incel for short (I’m sure you’ve heard that term). Which in turn has morphed into movements like MGTOW which stands for men going their own way.

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Warped Reflection says,
“Incel morphed into MGTOW”. The first time I heard of incels and MGTOW was out of my son’s mouth when he was a teenager. it’s important for any adult that cares for children to take an interest in what the kids are listening to/reading/have an interest in. So off I went to find out what these things were. A few hours of reading and speaking to guys that identify as such is all it took to find out about RP, BP, incel, MGTOW, PUA, etc. These women can’t even be bothered to do basic research on the topics they’re discussing/sh*tting on.

Jonathan Zentelin says,
Feminists: we don’t need men, you are subhumans and we are the future Men: OK, it’s sucks, my dream was to have a family, but whatever, you go your way, we go our own
Feminists: No! you can’t do that, you are supposed to be my slave and give everything while I give nothing back
Men: OK, but you have no power over us. Bye
Feminists: REEEEEEEEEEEE YOU CAN’T DO THAT! TWITTER AND THE TV TOLD ME THAT! dies alone, childless, miserable

Strider-Bushin says,
Imagine finding a safe space/way of life away from the drama, and that drama spends all of its energy chasing you to the ends of the earth just to complain about you… Modern women are memes that write themselves.

19jc80 says,
Hell, I’m 41 and divorced. My sons 19 and 16 are both pretty much MGTOW because on their own they have come to the realization that finding an intelligent woman to talk to that isn’t completely about herself is damn near impossible. My oldest broke up with his girlfriend just because she was taking up too much of his time and he wanted to work on his hobbies. The women have done this to themselves.

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