She masturbates to serial killer

She masturbates to serial killer

A woman caller to what appears to be a podcast confesses that she masturbates to Jeffrey Dahmer, a well-known serial killer.

She masturbates to serial killer comments

Gunsight One says,
The term used for women that are attracted to criminals and serial killers is hybristophilia. It is a way more common occurrence than many women would like to admit.

Ver Hoofty Floofen says,
50 shades of Grey was the best-selling women’s book and movie of its Era… Let that sink in Fellas. They are completely broken. And it’s not our fault. Obviously.

Schpiner 86 says,
This is what happens when you pamper and spoil someone. The is no responsibility, no accountability, and certainly no remorse for any action. Everything she does is wonderful BECAUSE it makes HER happy. But they keep telling us that men must do better…..

Easter_Sunday says,
I think this validates the idea (again) that women don’t know what they want. What they claim to find attractive and what they’re actually attracted to are not one and the same.

serial killers’ attraction is not a surprise

Unbound Soul says,
Well, It should not be a surprise that they find serial killers attractive. A lot of them will excuse the behaviors cuz they secretly want to do that to folks as well. Like attracts like I suppose. It’s still disgusting in every way.

Richard P says,
Those two radio hosts have been in trouble for exploiting a minor over the radio. As for serial killers, they get 3 letters per day – about 1000 a year – from women wanting to do them. It’s sick, twisted, and exclusively female.

Potato Kitty says,
Bundi got so many letters from women after his incarceration dude. It’s insane.

J M says,
I used to have a homegirl that had a criminal boyfriend and I mean the Pookie and Ray Ray type. He was cool with me, but I always found it odd because she was a California Daddy’s girl from the suburbs type. Fellas. To this day it trips me out, you never know what these 304s had in the past…

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