Women average body count today

women average body count
They speak as though men do not contribute to that body count

These gentlemen discuss today’s women average body count. Given the following set of criteria which is her age, if she lives in a major city, she can easily rack up 50 bodies, on average.

Women average body count comments

Jose P says,
What’s crazy is they run around with 200 body counts and expect men to still be traditional, court them in traditional manners, protect them and pay for everything. The audacity of these modern women.


The Devils Advocate says,
The old saying goes, “if you want to test a person’s character, give them power.” The modern woman has all the power and what does she do? Give it all away to the worst of men.

Brock Landers says,
As a guy who’s been around the block a few too many times, these guys are 100% right. Especially when it comes to chicks cheating. The stories I can tell these young men will leave blue-pilled men scarred for life. The sad part is, now that I’m in my 30s. These same chicks I smashed when they had BFs at the time, most are now married to beta male providers. I wonder if those guys knew their past, cheating, *trains*, and nasty stuff they did. Would they still wive them up?

Jemseeds says,
I was at a social gathering and my girl was talking to another girl who said she had slept with 400+ men and she was a 2-3 out of 10 in looks and that’s being kind!!!!! I think the lower down the scale they look the more bodies they have!!

Aye Es Ehl says,
I’m a 30-year-old male and most of the women I slept with who were in their early 20s had at least 25+ partners. Assuming they kept going at that rate I think it’s probably accurate to say a lot of women average around 50 partners before they settle down and get married around 28-30 years old. Makes sense in my experience, at least.

Side dude experience

J M says,
Once you become a side dude to a couple of chicks. There’s no going back. You see how truly deceptive and heartless they are once you reach that level of understanding and you accepted it. It’s pretty depressing tbh.

carlos garcia says,
Every young man I come across including my son I tell all the truth about modern life, from women to alimony, child support, lawyers, divorce court, marriage, dating, body counts, and feminism, so they know exactly what they can expect realistically. I won’t sugarcoat it to anyone. A modern western life, for an average modern western man, with modern western women, is modern western Dogshit. It is an experienced man’s duty to let young men know all the hoops and traps and scams out there.

V Harper says,
Guys you have to get it through your head that what they’re talking about is 100% accurate. I run games and talk to women literally every day for the past four years. And everything they say is spot on, even the common girls in the grocery stores, bookstores, gyms, etc.. girls you would never expect that look average are some of the freakiest ones out there!

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