Rhaenys’ decision to spare the greens

rhaenys' decision to spare the greens

Reacting to Rhaenys’ decision to spare the greens after breaking through the floor with her dragon, Meleys, and causing mayhem during the coronation ceremony of Aegon II, Alicent’s firstborn

Sue Shaleh says,
For Goodness’ sake, at least burn Criston and Otto first before you leave.

Rhaenys’ decision to spare the greens comments

TheTyler8421 says,

Klay Tuanson says,
Or take a bite or 2!

siva krishna says,
Then we wouldn’t have the series… let’s enjoy what’s going on.

mst3KGf says,
Trust me, that won’t be nearly as satisfying as their actual fates. I especially can’t wait to see Criston’s downfall onscreen.

Kanishka Singh says,
@mst3KGf Criston’s Downfall was so hilarious, He basically acted like Jaime asking for hand-to-hand combat but instead of being imprisoned was put to death.

Sue Shaleh says,
@mst3KGf Nah. He would have done too much damage by then. The way he killed poor old Beesbury. I can’t even look at his face.

Daisy Macias says,
This comment


thecharliesruiz says,
Do you think Alicent and Criston are gonna bang together soon?

Cameron Toy says,
@Kanishka Singh goes to show not all northers are honorable.

mst3KGf says,
@Kanishka Singh “I’ll have no songs sung about how brave you died, Kingmaker. There are tens of thousands dead on your account.”

Lexi Sisk says,
For realz! I despise Criston now.

Jacob Seed says,
Do with Criston what you want, but daddy Otto is one of the best parts of the series.

Abdul Ali says,
I wish he was turned into Ser Crispen ๐Ÿ™

Sue Shaleh says,
@Jacob Seed Oh please I want nothing more than to wipe that smugness off his face. That treacherous serpent. All this time he’s been poisoning Alicent’s mind with the whole bs about Rhaenyra wanting to kill her children if she ever ascends the throne and the first thing he does upon Viserys’ death was to order the execution of his daughter and grandchildren along with the lords who refuse to bend the knee to his grandson.

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