House of the dragon episode 10 breakdown

house of the dragon episode 10

House of the Dragon Episode 10 Finale Breakdown & Ending Explained.

Fanny Alexander says,
Everyone was so good in this episode. Ewan portrayed the sheer terror, panic, and shock with one shot while Emma literally made me feel her anger, pain, and rage along with that ominous music, literally goosebumps. Even the kid playing Luke was so good too. Overall what a sad episode, too bad we have to wait at least more than a year for season 2. My Sundays will never be the same.

House of the dragon episode 10 breakdown comments

crager84 says,
I think a lot of people are misinterpreting the end of the fight over Storm’s End. It’s said multiple times in the show, and even in this video, that Targs have a special link to their dragons. In the show, it’s stated that dragons can tell the true intention of their rider, even if the rider never speaks it. Aemond may have only intended to hurt Arrax/Luke because he knew he shouldn’t kill them for political reasons, but he definitely wanted to kill Luke for what he had done.

Luke wanted to fight back, but couldn’t do so because he took an oath. We see that will manifest physically when he grabs his sword inside Storm’s End. So both dragons are acting completely in accordance with the will of their rider, even if they aren’t following their spoken commands. Arrax tried to fight Vhagar because Luke really wanted to battle, and Vhagar killed Arrax/Luke because Aemond truly wanted them dead.

Марина Титова says,
Daemon was sick and tired of her softness towards the greens !!! He’s a man of action and had he put an end to Otto on that bridge, Luke would’ve been still alive because Alicent is nothing without Otto…. Rhaenys could have burned them all too, but she showed mercy and that had pissed Daemon off too !!!! So, yeah, let’s not forget that his nature is like that….! And Rhaenyra has learned her lesson, Daemon knows what to do better …after Luke’s death, she realized Daemon was right…! So I don’t hate Daemon for this moment, I hate Rhaenyra for not trusting him !!!

Aemond is hot-headed and out for revenge

Elizabeth Goble says,
Honestly, I didn’t like how they portrayed Luke’s death as an accident. Part of Aemond’s character is that yes he is a capable warrior and brave, but he is also hot-headed and out for revenge. He has been wanting his nephews to do something that would put him in a position to harm them for years. It feels strange that they tried to make this moment tragic rather than the act of war that I think it probably was in the book.

They also left out that Aemond sought permission and was basically told as long as it was not in my halls, before rushing out to catch up. It’s still a well-shot scene and the actors played it well, I just wish they would have villainized Aemond. He is like Daemon in a lot of ways, charismatic and you want to love him, but he can also be an absolute POS when he chooses to be.

Aemond embodies aggression

EVANS says,
I find it interesting people feel sorry for Aemond when he embodies AGGRESSION. when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. It was his destiny to take a kinsman’s life because he always bullies and threatens them with the sword. It was not just an accident. He was on a lethal animal threateningly pursuing another. What did he think what was gonna happen with all that aggression? He wasn’t sorry he did it. He was nervous about the repercussions.

Jerron Scott says,
“Dragons aren’t Slaves.” It’s interesting that Aemond started the chase but Vhagar finished it. No Aemond didn’t want to kill his nephews. But, Vhagar is a dragon. Aemond thirsts to prove that people should fear him. Vhagar showed him why. You don’t point loaded guns at friends. You don’t point dragons at relatives.

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