Woman humbled by dating apps

woman humbled by dating apps

Woman humbled by dating apps says that dating apps were great during the beginning of COVID or the height of it. They were the only way she could meet people in New York City back then. She did not succeed at locking down a man she likes and now, she does not like dating apps.

Woman humbled by dating apps comments

Schpiner 86 says,
Guys will thumbs up any attempt to get some action. Ten minutes of her nervous giggle & poor attempts at humor are just PAINFUL. Could you imagine having to listen to this for an hour over a dinner that you are buying?? The sad thing is that it’s all a facade she knows it and we know it. The apps are designed for easy hook-ups and nothing more.

Think Outside The Container says,
She gives me the impression she’s been on at least 100 dates on dating apps. Could you imagine the privilege of that level of abundance from dating apps?

Michael Nolen says,
Men do NOT want a Queen, a Princess, a Bad Bitch, or a “Strong Independent” woman. They want a partner they can trust. Also, women do not have standards, as a rule. They have specifications.

Parlimant Strifey says,
The dating coach is still dating?? That is an oxymoron, you are supposed to be in a relationship and successfully keeping it running as an expert. Otherwise, that ain’t no coach, that is a grifter.

RobidyBobidy1 says,
Women are just impossible to date now tbh. You are basically just dating their ego. Even if they are a single mom, their dating patterns don’t change.

GRA says,
She’s a 4 in the looks department and I couldn’t make it more than a day with that personality. She’s mad because she qualifies for a male 4 for a relationship and, in her delusion, he’s beneath her. Marry another woman and make each other miserable. Men everywhere thank you.

Lpwns says,
I fully agree they call that stuff dating but it’s really just sleeping around, dating used to mean seriously getting to know someone in order to see if you could have a future together.

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