No sex for men who eat meat

no sex for men who eat meat

The male host is grilling a woman to know if she agrees that women should stop having sex with men who eat meat. Then the woman replies and says that she is not trying to dictate what goes on in the bedroom but it is a conversation starter.

No sex for men who eat meat comments

Meme Bro says,
I’m going to get a steak tonight.

Jun Ier says,
if Chad eats meat, she’ll make an exception.

Max Smith says,
So you’re saying if I continue to eat meat, crazy vegan women will stay away from me? That’s such a win!

impudentdomain says,
This is a total win-win for men.

simoneaux15 says,
Just makes it easier for men to spot and avoid the psychos, nut jobs, and crazies. This is a win. Women that punish you for doing nothing wrong aren’t the women you want or need in your life anyhow.

Gunsight One says,
I love that guy who is proudly eating that meat kabob right in front of that raging vegan feminist while she screams at him obscenities about the size of his “meat.” He is my new hero.

Wayne Clifton says,
I’ll keep my toxic masculinity, thank you.

Eric Smith says,
PETA: “Save the animals, don’t eat meat!” Everyone Else: “But wouldn’t become vegan harm the animals because there’d be more of us eating their food source?”

jeskaaable says,
so she comes to defend this “conversation starter” without even knowing if the PETA branch that launched it is serious or not. Then she says it’s a joke, then that it’s serious, then she just runs in circles without making any sense. This is PETA.

bree huuu says,
Attacking the people’s food supply. How is this humane?

Matt Joseph says,
It’s funny; a good friend of mine and I got together last week after not seeing each other for a while. We were talking about this attractive girl we knew from school. It turns out that she’s 37 and still not married. Never was and never had kids. Bottom line is that she’s impossibly picky. My friend was telling me that she refused to go on another date with one guy (who otherwise seemed like a good dude) because he ordered a salad for dinner. I s-it you not. Guess that girl wouldn’t blend in well with this anti-meat crowd, lmao. She’ll be in her 50’s or 60’s still wondering why she’s single.

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