Man not allowed to have sex

man not allowed to have sex
Well, if you like abuse, by all means, stay.

possessive woman says, the man, her husband, is not allowed to have sex. However, she can have sex with anyone she wants and he gets to watch.

Man not allowed to have sex comments

AgeofMachines says,
Leave her.

If you can’t tell her “No” and she listens to that or she thinks she’s in charge – LEAVE HER. Everything you’re afraid of doing to yourself if you leave, will happen if you stay.

She’s revolting on every conceivable level.

Sword Against Chaos says,
It’s like, this guy doesn’t know he should be outraged. We have to be outraged for him but he doesn’t deserve our pity.

Ben Prins says,
Yes men need to STOP cucking, simping, thinking with their little heads, being ATMs, and letting women control them.

It’s sad, pathetic, and hurts my brain.

Stand up for yourself, speak up, be mature, walk away, and be in charge. Thanks, CB


Delta Charlie Echo says,
This is should be a crime. This is literal torture.

Recently divorced

Tax man says,
I recently divorced, and my marriage went rotten kind of like this. It really is a feeling of being beaten down every single day. It’s the worst thing in the world. I tell everyone. Anyone who will listen to me, and plenty who will not, I tell them do not ever marry. Under any circumstances no matter what do not marry.

LilBoyBlueNotes says,
Never value a woman more than yourself. After all, why would she respect you when you don’t respect yourself? This particular LAYDEE knows she isn’t a prize. She throws the cat on the table so Tyrones would hulk-smash her. I wouldn’t date her AND the validation of belittling a man(and I use that term loosely in this case) to validate her ego on the backend.

Andrew Vo says,
Men listen up carefully. If you are in a relationship, know that it is an ongoing negotiation for the entire duration. It is not a contract with an obligation. And like any negotiation, you must be willing to walk away the moment it no longer serves you. If you don’t, you become like the little boy in this video, who likely has to ask permission to use the bathroom.

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