He broke up with me

he broke up with me.
Wow, feel sorry for her

She says,
So my boyfriend’s vibes have been super off for the past day and a half. And he just sent me a text saying, come over and let’s have a chat. Is he about to break up with me, stay tuned!
We broke up and he referenced Andrew Tate.

He broke up with me comments

Vdubs4Life1964 says,
Started working at a small company 20 years ago… An older lady that worked there had a 15 yo daughter that would show up to see her mom on occasion. She never had an interest in me all throughout her 20s as I watched her pump out 3 kids by 2 dudes… Around 2 years ago her mom started telling me “you need to get with my daughter” and “I wish you were my son-in-law”… They mistook me for a beta male simp provider… Little did they know I was already saved by the RP community… Thanks, fellas!

The two sisters

Adam Elder says,
I had to deal with both my sisters trying to throw these recent stupid articles that tell women what they want to hear. The Irony is both of them have been divorced for several years and to this day keep cyberstalking their exes and their exes’ current girlfriends. Also, both drink regularly, one is on anti-depressants along with weekly visits to a mental health professional for over 4 years and the other has had a fur baby for 5 years now and is broke because she likes traveling. I can’t make this shit up.

They spent a week with me and it was so painful. Though I kept making fun of them because if they did not like it, they could leave. I told them if men are so terrible why not try being a lesbian seeing as we are all supposed to be fluid? They did not like that at all. When one asked, “what is wrong with men?” I said nothing. You just don’t understand men. What women were good for they are no longer good at. So why would I enslave myself to any of them???? This was 6 weeks ago, have not heard anything from either since, hope they forget about me.

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